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Safari Arabians Horse Farm Wafrah Kuwait

Arabian horses for sale in Kuwait

Arabian Horses have been a life-long love of mine. As a child, my best memories are those that are spent on a family friend's farm where my passion for horses began. My favorite horse on that farm was a black Arabian stallion named "Sultan", now I have my own farm and have bred my own black Arabian colt who I named “Safari Sultan”. A child's dreams do come true.

Now older, with a successful business going, I wanted to give my family what I so much loved. Furthermore, I wanted it to be fun, exciting and rewarding.

Safari Arabians is located in Kuwait “the natural habitat of Arabians”. Our Target is to breed show quality Egyptians and purebred horses. We have sought out some champions with the most desired and respected bloodlines. We endeavor to breed beautiful horses and look forward to be effectively competitive in the show arena.